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One on One Program

My coaching philosophy with every client is: You are the wisest person you know. You will be in awe of the wisdom that is within you deep down below the surface when given the space to connect to that part of yourself. It’s here that the clarity you’re looking for is found. 

Step 1

Finding your clarity

In this step, I will help to create a safe and deeply committed, comfortable space with you, where you’ll have the ability to talk about personal, deep, and possibly scary, life-changing moments from your life.

This leads to the discovery of new sources of powerful insights within yourself.

Step 2

Generate possibilities

It's time to create a vision for your life that matches your internal goals through your thoughts. We go through a process of identifying the core beliefs that no longer serve you and create new mindsets that support living in your highest self and what’s possible for you.

Step 3

Take action

When you know what you want and the WHY you want it, it’s easier to navigate your life. Opportunities come that we couldn’t see before and you will know when to say “yes” and when to say “no”.  

The mindset, clarity, and resolve you’ve cultivated through working with me will turn any hurdle into a stepping stone to your success!  


Our coaching sessions may reveal that you have access to money, career options, relationship options, and places you never considered or did not believe you could have.



You’re worth investing in yourself and I want to make sure you can do it. That’s why I offer a variety of session packages ranging from weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly with a minimum commitment of 3-6 months to fit your schedule and wallet.

Ranges from $3400-$5000 with monthly payment options available. 

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