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The Practical Guide for Feminine Power

The Practical Guide to Feminine Power, is a six week journey designed to integrate the principles of feminine energy and power in your everyday life.

As a student of The Practical Guide to Feminine Power, you will learn to:


  • Apply the principles of the feminine power in your everyday life

  • Have access to feminine energy on demand

  • Enhance your relationship with yourself and others

  • Embody confidence, grace, and sensuality while still feeling like yourself

  • Integrate feminine power in masculine settings

  • Unlock your creative potential

  • Hone your intuition and embrace your magic

  • Cultivate self-worth and full self-expression

Female Friends

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The course will include six weekly, 90-minute Zoom sessions led by Liz Haber Zambrano and Holly Berube where we will learn, practice, and apply the principles of the Divine Feminine. 


Topics and themes will include power, self-worth, creativity, radiance, intuition, authentic full self-expression. Additionally, the course includes weekly practices, resources, and small group discussion, and optional peer calls designed to support your personal journey alongside other sisters.

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