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More about Liz

introduced to this line of work 10 years ago, when I was personally going through a difficult rough patch and searching for clarity. At this time in my life, I thought I had my whole future figured out - how perfect my career was going to be, how much money I would be making, what the perfect partner I needed should be like. Basically, I thought I was supposed to have the perfect life.

I was first,

I fell under the pressure of leading what I felt was meant to be the “perfect life”, and I did not handle it well. I turned to drugs and alcohol to cope with the weight of it all.


At first, it felt good because of that brief moment of relief from the pressures weighing me down. In the long run, it wasn’t aligning with what I ultimately needed and my life was spiraling out of control. I knew I had to do something.

I sought help and went on a personal healing journey of recovery, and it was during that journey that I was first introduced to the work of coaching and personal development transformation.


I realized that the pressure I was putting on myself to have this “perfect” life was not the life I actually wanted.


Coaching has supported me in my life, granting me clarity towards what I ultimately wanted in life. With my teachings, I was able to distinguish what line of work I wanted to do, to envision the kind of relationship I wanted, and the life I wanted to live. From this clarity, I could take action, no longer paralyzed by the pressure and fear of picking or doing what's not best for me.


 I volunteered for an organization involved in personal development and leadership work for adults. Once I got my footing, I started coaching and working with other adults. It was here that I discovered I was being pulled into the world of coaching, possessing natural gifts for the role. At that time, there weren’t many things I felt I was naturally gifted at, so this really thrilled me! I found I had this ability to truly hear what people were trying to say - whether spoken or unspoken - to get to the heart of the matter, to listen so intently, that it creates a safe space for people to be vulnerable, trusting me with their dreams, fears, and desires.

In 2012, during my transformational journey, 


And then, the magic began to unfold - my clients were starting to see the direct results in their lives, their dreams being realized through my coaching. This was incredible! I noticed that when I was coaching, time stood still, and parts of myself would emerge that I didn’t even know existed within me, pushing me to want to learn more. So, I did just that, I immersed myself fully into the world of coaching, leading me to become a professionally certified coach with the International Coaching Federation.

I did it for the people!


In school, I studied to become a Transformational Trainer and public speaker, allowing me to facilitate workshops and training in a public setting. With my teachings, I've learned how to assess and work with people's different learning styles, and find what's most effective in their life. I've successfully logged over 5,000 professional training hours working with thousands of men and women from all walks of life,

Let's start our journey together!

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