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and attain clarity.


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What is Professional Coaching?

Clarity Coaching

Coaching helps you unlock the key to a fulfilling life. As a Professional Coach, I help you overcome self-sabotage and find direction towards what you truly want in life. Together, we will create a path towards achieving your goals. 


As a Professional Coach, I am fully present for my clients and utilize my skills in active listening, pattern recognition, communication, critical and strategic questioning to help you gain clarity and take action.

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Uncover & 

break any

limiting belief

Meditating at Home

Discover your

strengths & weaknesses 

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Shed light

on alternative


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Build a solid action plan to achieve maintain your desired outcomes

How does Coaching work?

On some subconscious level, we can find it hard to believe the results of our daily lives, while not considering all the factors that could be affecting one  - From our own beliefs, world views, the way we speak to ourselves, the emotions we carry, down to the way we carry and hold our bodies - we are often blind to these factors. 

In our Clarity Coaching Program, we will work together to reveal those blind spots.

We will uncover the hidden pieces that help to shape our way of seeing the world, and we will challenge them to shift your perspective, opening you to new possibilities that once seemed out of sight. 

Together, we will design practices that will keep your newfound, clear perspectives ignited while creating plans to achieve and maintain your desired aspirations and personal transformations.


All hurdles or challenges that once felt like mountains in your way, will become stepping stones to your path of success.



Who needs a Coach?

We all have seasons of uncertainty, decision, transition or restlessness. 

That is a prosperous time to work with a coach. 

Especially if you feel:

              Seeing yourself sabotage your success 

Closed Eye

Sidetracked in your life 

Mobile Phone

Feeling like there’s more for you in a certain area of your life but unsure what it is yet


Want a new perspective on how you look at situations in your life or feeling umotivated

Then you need a Coach!

You know what you don’t want out of life but not exactly sure where to start

Let's reach your goal, together! 

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Meet Me


I’m Liz Haber Zambrano, the founder of Living In Zen (L.I.Z.) Coaching. Through private clients and my career in personal development and coaching schools since 2011, I’ve helped to transform the lives of thousands of people. 


I am Professionally certified by the International Coaching Federation and have over 5,000 professional training hours working with thousands of men and women from all backgrounds. I’ve served as a group trainer for both in-person and virtual settings, and as a developer of future coaches in building the skills required to become successful coaches in their careers. My background and training has taken me around the world with top founders and experts in the coaching industry through Africa, California, NYC, Europe, and Asia. 


As a Professional Coach, I am an expert in coaching people who feel side-tracked in their lives or on a self-sabotaging streak they can't seem to break. My expertise is in supporting people to define their purpose, and create a life bursting with fulfillment, harmony, and joy!

Read what they say...

About Me

“I love my life right now. I couldn't say that 6 months ago. A huge thanks to Liz and her coaching!”

Jennifer Bennett

"Liz gracefully and astutely identifies the preconceived notions that act as roadblocks to prevent us from seeing the possibilities beyond them. She builds and inspires confidence."

Tory MacQueen

“After 5+ years of being together, we thought we knew how to love each other and coexist with ease. As our wedding date loomed closer, we started meeting with Liz almost as a formality. What we discovered instead was a whole new world of being together." 

Lauren & Sam Diaz

"I love her open spirit and insightful thinking.  I leave our calls feeling empowered.  She challenges my limiting beliefs and reinforces my positive ones."

Shane Kohler

" The gift Liz is, resulted in me gaining massive clarity which led to an overall feeling of “ease” and “I got this.” She did an amazing job going inch by inch with me knowing when to nurture and listen vs. when to motivate and be in the driving piston. For this, I’m forever grateful."

Ross Medlin

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